Producing Better Results through Design for Assembly and Concurrent Engineering

Proper design for assembly offers numerous opportunities to improve your product’s quality, time to market and cost effectiveness. You can maximize these benefits through a concurrent engineering effort that’s aligned early on with your product design process.

Haumiller applies over 50 years of experience when providing design for assembly and concurrent engineering support. Here are some of the challenges Haumiller can work through with you:

Part Variation
A high speed assembly machine is designed to handle parts of very specific dimensions. Sharing the right details about potential part variation, such as flash or warpage, allows Haumiller to design your system to accommodate the range you need.

We can minimize time-consuming setups by helping you add subtle features that increase compatibility of different sizes of a product that would otherwise require a changeover.

Feeding and Sorting
We’ll take a close look at each part to address possible constraints in the assembly system. For example, a common issue in feed systems is nesting or locking of parts. To prevent parts from wedging together, we may suggest incorporating internal or external ribs in the components.

Delicate Areas
Identifying areas of parts that shouldn’t or can’t be touched (fluid paths, for example) is critical. If provided this key information early in the process, Haumiller can work around those areas and ensure your machinery produces quality parts

Inspection Requirements
After identifying your quality specifications, and determining to what extent the component variations are unacceptable, we’ll devise an appropriate inspection method to weed those parts out without slowing down the system.

Best of all, by pursuing concurrent engineering and partnering with Haumiller to ensure optimal design for assembly, you add experts to your team who can not only optimize your automated assembly system but also maximize the quality of your end product. The results include better products, faster time to market and, in the end, more satisfied customers. So contact us to discuss your project parameters today.