Technical Services & Support

Validation and Qualification

Haumiller can support your project large or small either by providing our resources to assist your team or by outsourcing to third party validation company. Once your assembly system leaves Haumiller, our support will continue through Site Commissioning.

Let us know what level of support your project requires:

  • Qualification Plan
  • Functional Specification
  • Software Design Specification – Source Code Review
  • eFMEA and pFMEA
  • Design Qualification Report
  • IQ Test Scripts
  • OQ Test Scripts
  • Traceability Matrix
  • FAT Protocol and Summary Report
  • Site Commissioning
  • Master Document List (Turn Over Package)

Maintenance Programs

Haumiller offers varying levels of support based on the needs of your company. We keep accurate documentation to assist you with troubleshooting long after your system is in production. Our test department, the people who take your system through our three phases of testing/debug can be at your facility to give you the support you need. Their knowledge of your system will reduce the time it takes to get you back into production. We also support planned maintenance intervals through a preventative maintenance schedule that we can work together with you to create. Please contact our Sales or Service Department to get started.

Equipment Evaluations

Haumiller’s engineers can perform an evaluation of your system as a method of continuous improvement. We will work with your operators and technicians to understand what they need to keep the system running efficiently, potentially by reducing the amount of time they spend keeping the system running.

Spare Parts

Haumiller’s machining department is onsite, and consists of eight CNC machining centers with 25 machinists operating across two shifts. If needed, we can turn parts around quickly to keep you up and running. Our parts department will work with you on providing a quotation.

Commissioning and Training

Haumiller can perform the installation and start-up of your system. Our experienced technicians who have worked on your system through the testing/debug phases while at Haumiller know your system, and can get it up and running quickly. Training can be performed at varying levels depending on your specific needs. We offer training during FAT at Haumiller, and post installation at your facility. While we believe the best training is hands-on at the machine, we do offer classroom training as well for your operators and mechanics.

Build to Print

Haumiller will work closely with you to understand how the systems you want us to fabricate and build for you function. Since these build to print projects are typically multiple up you want to make sure it is correct the first time through. Knowing the key areas of the system is important. Likewise, knowing where we have some latitude to make suggested improvements is also a key factor to success. Our in-house machining capabilities allow us to keep in close communication throughout the fabrication process, and gives us the capability to build the tooling as it is being released, essentially reducing the overall lead time.

Concurrent Engineering

There is always some level of risk when you are developing your product simultaneously with designing the automation. Haumiller’s 56 years of experience and disciplined approach mitigates the risk by working closely with you to understand potential changes. We will work with you through an FMEA process to reduce that risk keeping in mind that you need to get your product to market. In addition, we will assess the level of risk relative to each area in the system so we can keep the lower risk areas moving forward to not create unnecessary delays for the entire project while additional analysis and proof of principle work might be required to better understand the higher risk areas.


Haumiller will work with you to clearly define the objective of the prototype to eliminate surprises and achieve agreed upon expectations. This step is often overlooked at the onset of the prototype effort. No matter what level of prototype you will be engaging in you have to understand and agree on, up front, when you are “done”. Success may not be achieved on the first attempt and may require additional effort. If additional attempts are necessary, you need to reset expectations each time to efficiently keep moving forward.

Retrofits and Upgrades

We produce one up custom machines. This is a much easier thing to address when your product is standard or only partially custom (i.e., packaging machinery).