Medical Device / Life Sciences

Haumiller provides custom assembly and testing/inspection equipment that helps medical device manufacturers automate the production of parts such as I.V. components, luer connectors, check valves, syringes, sight chambers and a variety of other disposable products.

After working in medical device assembly for more than 30 years, we have numerous equipment designs under our belt. We know what it means when your success is on the line, and we understand the critical production challenges that medical device manufacturers face:

Need for absolute piece-part quality.

When it comes to patient-care products, quality is non-negotiable. We prove every day that we deliver on the expectations and requirements your market demands.

  • We are exacting about the quality of piece parts as they are processing through your assembly machine. This includes eliminating scuffing, nicking and particulates.
  • Our dedicated machine testing department thoroughly tests your assembly equipment prior to shipping to your facility. This rigid testing process incorporates both standard and custom-designed tests unique to your project, in order to fully verify every aspect of your equipment performance. You receive comprehensive and accurate documentation, which is critical to your long-term production success.

Difficult-to-automate parts.

Our customers count on us to handle the odd shapes and tacky surfaces (such as silicone) that often present challenges for medical device assembly. We have seen a wide range of applications, and we can develop the automation solution that’s right for you.

  • We are very experienced in feeding, orienting and handling parts with challenging shapes and high friction, including varying sizes and shapes of springs.
  • We leverage a methodical, collaborative approach to solving problems and innovating in automating production processes, which keeps us in lock step with what you need.

Complex processes that require process/equipment integration.

customers often ask us to design equipment that can integrate seamlessly with their existing equipment on the production floor – and we can handle this challenge.

  • We are highly experienced with integrating a wide range of processes and types of inspections, performed within both our own assembly machines and other equipment.
  • We can ensure that our equipment footprint is minimized, and we will work with you to find every opportunity to effectively layout the system for your facility. We work diligently to eliminate potential causes of our assembly machines ever being a bottleneck in your overall processes.
  • We have full R&D and automation process development/improvement capabilities to innovate new solutions if needed.

Equipment efficiency.

Production efficiency is critical in the medical device industry, and we provide the answer.

  • Haumiller assembly machines are easy to operate and maintain. Changeovers are designed to allow machine operators to perform most tasks without tools. Our machines are also engineered with positive and repeatable locations, thus eliminating the need to “fine tune” after changeover is complete.
  • Our equipment designs are robust and built to run for many years with minimal intervention. The machines are designed not only for ease of operation, but just as important, ease of maintenance. This helps assure proper maintenance is done, which in turn virtually eliminates breakdowns during production.
  • Where applicable, we offer design for automation services that will assist you in optimizing your part design for automation. This will enhance efficiencies on your production floor and allows us to achieve assembly speeds ranging from 30 to 1,200 parts per minute.

Interested in learning more about how Haumiller equipment can impact your medical device assembly process? Contact us today and let’s talk!


When success is on the line, customers trust us to deliver an automated solution that meets their needs exactly. Over more than 50 years in this business, we’ve designed and built assembly machines for the following applications:

  • Aerosol valves and actuators assembly
  • Spray pumps and trigger pumps assembly
  • Electrical components assembly such as wire nuts and connectors
  • Dispensing closures assembly of every type and size
  • Dispensing valves assembly for liquids