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Contract manufacturers and OEMs trust Haumiller to deliver high-speed automated assembly machines for high-volume disposable products. We provide custom machinery for a range of industries, including manufacturers of medical devices, consumer products, food/beverage, electrical connectors and specialized aerosol equipment.

Choosing an Automated Assembly Partner

Keys to Success with an Automated High Speed Assembly System Due diligence is crucial before making any capital investment. That’s especially true with complex high speed assembly systems.


Automated Testing Machines from Haumiller Leak tests. Flow tests. Pressure decay. Function tests. Force and strain testing. Whatever testing technology your application..


Your privacy is important to us and we want you to feel comfortable visiting our site. Haumiller does not currently collect personal identifying information..


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Haumiller equipment is our most dependable equipment in house!

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Haumiller has a talented engineering staff that keeps up with the newest advances in technology.

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